Year 3, Term 1 Exam (2016)


All in all, the first term of our year have been packed with interesting learnings and a lot of milestones. Fruitful 12 weeks :)

Below are exam questions for my year 3 student. All are based on our main CM curriculum, Ambleside Online.



Year 1, Term 1 Exam (2016)

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We are done with term 1 for school year 2016. Been working on the kids upcoming exams, and here are the final questions. (I’ll be serving chocolates and ‘tea’ as we go through each section.)


Throwback Post: Towards A Philosophy of Education (Desire of Knowledge - Curiosity)


Her wisdom, my thoughts

The Desire of Knowledge (Curiosity) was the chief instrument of education; that this desire might be paralysed or made powerless like an unused limb by encouraging other desires to intervene between a child and the knowledge proper for him; the desire for place, - emulation; for prizes, - avarice; for power, - ambition; for praise, - vanity, might each be a stumbling block to him. 

It seemed to me that we teachers had unconsciously elaborated a system which should secure the discipline of the schools and the eagerness of the scholars, - by means of marks, prizes, and the like, - and yet eliminate the knowledge-hunger, itself the quite sufficient incentive to education.

                                                                                                                             Charlotte Mason, Volume 6


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